Jorge Fernández

Jorge Fernández

I was born and raised in the small Spanish town of Monzon. After finishing high school I moved to Madrid to get a technical engineering degree. In the late 90's I started to study film photography during a few years and after that I jumped to digital, the craft of which I learned for myself.

During the years I've visited over 80 countries and the passion for photography grew with every trip, evolving from focusing mainly on landscapes to the center of my work nowadays which is, above all, the people that live in the places I visit and their everyday lives and customs.

I've participated in photographic assignments and exhibitions in London, Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza and have published some pictures in magazines such as GEO Saison, Outside Magazine or the National Geographic's book “That's Creepy”. And I'm a regular contributor to agencies like Getty images, Alamy or AGE fotostock. In 2015 I was shortlisted in the travel category of the Sony World Photography Awards.

Currently I work as a tour leader for a Spanish company organizing trips to Africa, where I spend half of the year. When I'm not working as a tour guide, I like to travel as much as possible to grow my photographic archive and to feed the “travel bug”.



  • Travel agency Bucamar (Zaragoza) 2004.
  • Collective exhibition at the Spectrum Gallery 2004.
  • Fair of art Arteria 2004, 2005 and 2007 (Monzon)
  • Exhibition in the public library of Aragon 2004. (Zaragoza)
  • Individual Exhibition in the Foundation CREA. Zaragoza, November 2006.
  • Individual Exhibition in the House of the Culture of Monzon, December 2006.
  • Individual Exhibition in the travel agency November 2006.
  • Individual Exhibition Bajo la Cruz del Sur. Allucant complex by the Gallocanta Lake (Zaragoza) winter 2006/2007.
  • Individual Exhibition at the documentary festival of Boltana. Espiello 2007.
  • Travelling Exhibition La vuelta al Pirineo en 80 dias that during 2007 was shown in different cities around Aragon.
  • Participation in the collective exhibition Aragon and the Art for the Children organized in April 2009 by Save the Children.
  • Individual exhibition"El Color del Cristal" at the Altaïr bookshop, Barcelona February 2011.
  • Individual exhibition “El Color del Cristal” at the Casa de la Cultura, Monzón March 2011.
  • Individual exhibition “El Color del Cristal” at the Ibercaja Zemtrum Gallery, Zaragoza October 2011.
  • Collective exhibition “El Color del Cristal” at EMMA Gallery, Madrid August 2012.
  • Individual exhibition “Momentos de Etiopía” at the CREARIUM Gallery, Monzón July-August 2013.
  • Individual exhibition “Momentos de Etiopía” at Altaïr, Barcelona March 2014.
  • Individual exhibition “7,000 million” Fair of art Arteria 2016.


  • Member of the Lens Culture Network
  • Jorge contributes regularly with the magazine iD/N. Zaragoza.
  • Photography of the Christmas card for the entrepreneurs association CREA, year 2006.
  • Contribution to the pavilion of Aragon for the international Fair of tourism FITUR 2007, two giant photographies of the Aragonese Pyrenees (20x3 meters) and one of reduced dimensions more (4x6 meters).
  • Photographic contributions to the magazines Pyrenees Magazine, Rando Pyrenees and Randos Balades.
  • Edition of the pictures book: Bajo la Cruz del Sur.
  • Publishing of the book: A dream in my pocket. La vuelta al Pirineo en 80 dias
  • Publishing of the book: El color del cristal. Black & White people
  • Assignment for the Sweedish magazine InTouch. Photographies for an article about the MAZ hospital in Zaragoza.
  • Publishing of the book: Wrinkles & Wisdom
  • Collaboration in the book published by IGVP Human Connections: “Portraits of our shared humanity”.
  • Photographic contributions to GEO SAISON magazine, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC's book “That's Creepy” and OUTSIDE magazine.
  • Commended in the award “Shoot the people 2014”.
  • Third place on the photographic award "Viaje a Ceylan 2014". Organized by Puig Spain.
  • Second place on the photographic award "Viaje a Ceylan 2015". Organized by Puig Spain.
  • Shortlisted in the travel category. Sony World Photography Awards 2015.
  • Commended in the  travel category. Sony World Photography Awards 2015.
  • Performance Awards of Humanity Photo Awards 2015.
  • Nomination Award of Humanity Photo Awards 2015.
  • Int'l photography awards (IPA) 2016, 3rd place Event, Traditions and Cultures.
  • Int'l photography awards (IPA) 2016. Family of Man. Honorable Mention.